Getting to know the owner of Soap Fluent

Hi everyone! I'm Shanece, the owner of Soap Fluent. I've said this one million times, that I'm so excited to be on the journey. To fully love what I'm doing is one of my greatest accomplishments. Being that i'm a licensed cosmetologist hair, nails and skin are my life (still ify on the nails part lol work with me). Natural skin products fall right in line with that. I'm 28. Born and raised in Greenville,SC. No pets and no kids. Just me, soaping away. 

Making natural soap is completely out of the norm for me but who doesn't love a challenge?  Soap making for me is very therapeutic. I get lost in the process and before you know it hours have passed. This business is the definition of putting in the work. It just makes it all worth it, when you love the work that you're doing. I turn on some music and get to work. Singing, soaping and dancing should be my new slogan. Thanks again for checking out my small business! How about we turn this small business into a BIG business?


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